Relevant for those applying from OTC/Express FLYR (NOT NZ transferring to AUS applications). 

Overseas applicants no longer need to complete in-person ID checks in Australia and registration can be fully completed online 😀

Additional Certified ID documents now need to be provided for overseas based applicants:

If you meet the new ID requirements, it is really helpful as you will be granted AHPRA (before this change, you would have had to present in person within 3 months).

Please make sure you certify your ID documents exactly to AHPRA requirements, they are very strict with the wording/who can complete this:

If you applied before December 2023, you have the option to present in person before March 15th or to submit the new ID documents. 

To maintain AHPRA registration, you must make sure you renew your registration every November (just as you would do with HCPC/CORU).

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