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From 29th May 2023:

PHYSIO and SLT added to the GREEN LIST (joining OT's who are already on the list!).

Key benefits:

  • Employers will not need to complete the job check

  • Partners can look at applying for partner of a work visa (if eligible)

  • Residency pathways: Tier 1 - straight to residency, Tier 2 - work 2 years for residency

From 1st July 2023:

UK passport holders will be able to apply for 3 year Working Holiday Visas, the age has also increased to 35.

Please still make sure you apply for your visa in NZ last (after you have secured a position/registration) as some employers can have a high preference towards the Accredited Employer Work Visa/AEWV rather than the WHV (you can discuss this in your interview)

Australia - Trade deal has not come into affect yet, we will update everyone when it does!


SLT MRA registration in Australia has changed to digital

You no longer need to certify documents and you can now submit the whole application by email - this will make things easier/quicker :)

PT/OT AHPRA (Australia) applications (does not apply to Trans-Tasman applications)

3 months to present in person has been bought back in by AHPRA (this was relaxed in the pandemic)

If you are outside Australia when you apply (allow for 8 weeks processing), you will be granted "In Principle AHPRA" for 3 months, within this time, you need to complete your ID checks with your employer - please keep these timeframes in mind when applying to AHPRA and do not apply too early!


If you are creating examples for your self-appraisal, please make sure you use the current competencies found on this link:

(These were updated)


In case you haven't heard - NZ bought in an Express registration pathway for physios in December (please see our Express registration blog)

PT/OT most common errors for Trans-Tasman applications:

You must hold a practising APC or current full AHPRA registration to be able to apply

We are always checking for updates around registration/visas and we can fully support (those looking to secure a role with us) with the whole process.

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