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Amys experience of using Physioabroad to work in Australia

I qualified as a Physio back in 2017 and worked in the NHS for 18 months before deciding to head out here to work as a Physio in Australia.

Thanks to Physio Abroad I now work full time in MSK over here in Brisbane. I’ve found the work life balance SO much better out here in Australia. It’s so good to be able to head down to the beach after work or on a weekend and there’s so many places to visit in your spare time and on weekends.

Rosie was so helpful right from the start in helping me not only get my Australian registration but also to find a job in an area I wanted to work in prior to leaving the UK. Physio Abroad were so great in communicating with me about the whole process, what I needed to do and provide in order to get my registration processed and went out of their way to make sure this was done in time. Registration can be quite complex at times and they made the process so straight forward and stress free.

Rosie has always been a constant point of contact for me throughout my entire stay here and has genuinely been so helpful with any questions I have had. Even now, Physio Abroad have helped me and given me so much guidance with plan’s moving forward. I would 100% recommend working with Physio Abroad if you are thinking of coming out here to work as a Physio.



Mount Cordeaux in QLD- an hours drive from Brisbane

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