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AUS/NZ Interview Expectations

What to Expect - New Zealand

The interviews for New Zealand are usually formal and over Skype/Zoom.

For the hospital roles, you can expect a very similar structure to the NHS interviews. There is usually a panel of 2-3 senior clinicians and they will ask you a series of behavioural/scenario questions which sometimes include clinical case studies, as well as some more general questions about your employment experience and interests, what you know about the service/how you meet their values and why you want to work in NZ.

For the community you can expect a similar interview as the hospitals but normally there are only 1-2 clinicians conducting the interview and it generally is a little more relaxed. Private Practise is often more informal where they are looking to see what you are looking for in the role and that your personality aligns with the company/team.

What to Expect - Australia

The interviews for Australia are normally informal either by phone or Skype/Zoom.

All of the interviews are generally a chance to get to know you/your experience to see if you would be a good fit for the role and also a chance for you to ask any questions about the role. There may be a few more typical formal interview questions, such as strengths/weaknesses/what can you bring to the role/why you want to work in this role/location.

There is usually only one person taking the interview which can be HR or a clinician. Australia's interview style is very relaxed compared to the UK/Ireland but make sure to still be professional and show off your personality/communication skills.

For both AUS and NZ, we will always let you know what to expect for your specific interview and provide you details about the company.

How to Prepare

Before the interview

  • Research the Company - what does the service involve, what are their values?

  • Make sure your zoom/Skype account name is professional

  • Find a good environment - the background should be as clean/tidy as possible (ideally a plain wall is best) and make sure you have adequate lighting (due to the time difference you may have a late/early interview so you may need a lamp directed at your face)

  • Test call on skype/zoom before the interview - practising and recording can be a great way to see what your body language is like and it is also important to check the lighting/internet speed/camera and microphone

  • Read the job spec and prepare some answers for some potential behavioural interview questions that may come up - research the STAR method

  • Have your questions and paper/pen ready

On the interview day

  • Be mindful of your body language, look into the camera instead of the screen so that you can maintain eye-contact, show engagement, maintain a good posture

  • Dress as though this was a face-face interview

  • Stay calm if there are technical issues - make sure you have the interviewers number/email ready so that you can let them know if there are any issues straight away

  • Close all other apps on your computer/phone so that you are not distracted by notifications coming through

We are wishing you the best of luck with your interviews!

Healthcare Abroad Team

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