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IN-Principle AHPRA/ID Checks

Unless you are transferring your registration from New Zealand to Australia, if you are outside Australia when you applied for AHPRA registration, you will be granted In-Principle AHPRA registration for 3 months. Within this time, you need to complete your ID checks in Australia - this is usually completed by your employer but can also be completed without an employer.

Once the ID checks have been completed and your ID documents have been sent to AHPRA, you will usually be granted registration/listed on the register within 1 week.

Your AHPRA In-Principle letter will explain this in more detail and there is more information on this link:

Expiration of APC/FLYR Final certificates or OTC Stage 1

PT's - Once you complete the FLYR/FLYR Express pathway, you will receive a final certificate which does not expire and allows you to apply/re-apply to AHPRA at anytime

OT's - OTC Stage 1 certificates are valid for 2 years in which time you need to apply to AHPRA

AHPRA Renewal Period

The AHPRA annual year runs from November - November, however, if you apply from October 2023, you will be covered for the 2023-2024 period.

Certifying Documents

Some of you have reported that you have had issues with a Notary Public certifying Australian or online documents e.g. OTC stage 1 (OT's) or APC Final certificate (PT's) - these will need to be certified for your AHPRA application and you will need to ask around to find a Notary that will complete this for you

Transfer from NZ-AUS

You will need a current practising APC in NZ to apply for practising AHPRA registration

We are always happy to help you with registration if you are looking to be placed in a role through us 😀

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