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Australian Life in the Bush

Venetia shares her experience of living in a Rural Town, Queensland, Australia:

Admittedly I envisioned my lifestyle out of work in Australia to be full of beaches, surfing and sunsets; however, the Bush lifestyle has made me experience a far deeper and different lifestyle in Australia.

It's dry, that's for sure and it doesn't show any signs of rain where I am; however there is still an abundance of nature, I have seen animals I never thought I would in the wild, and the dry heat makes you appreciate those cool morning sunrises and the orange evening sunsets even more.

Where I am working there is the strongest sense of community with an overwhelming sense of friendliness and togetherness. Unlike the metropolitan cities, this rural town is mainly populated by proud, through to the bone Australians.

Sometimes it feels like you are in a Midwest movie, most people ride and have horses out here, and there is a huge farming culture. If you meet the right people, a ride after work is a seriously great way to unwind and explore.

The dialect is different, and I have learned so many new ways of saying things, to name a few:

Arvo: Afternoon

Swag: Portable camp bed

Ute: Utility Vehicle

Snags: Sausages

Coldie: Beer

Barbie: BBQ (admittedly I already knew this one)

There is a lot to see in rural Queensland and so many amazing trips you can go on, although access to a reliable car is important. I have been lucky enough to visit amazing coastal towns like Yamba, as well as huge coastal cities such as the Gold Coast and Brisbane and still have lots of places left on my bucket list!

Visiting huge cities makes you realize how simple the way of life is in the outback, you sacrifice small luxuries and it makes you appreciate the slower pace of life, whilst still having access to the fast-paced city life on weekends. It is certainly an experience that has taught me so much and given me a taste of a simpler way of life that I might not have experienced without working here.

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