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Elisas review of Physioabroad

“Rosie and the Physioabroad team have been absolutely fantastic from the start of my project to work in Australia. I went to one of Rosie's talks when I was in my last year of uni in England and I remember thinking "Surely it's not that hard, I could do it on my own!". Boy was I wrong. Although it is probably possible to do it by yourself, Rosie's support was invaluable!

She in an expert in the slightest detail, always available to answer my billion questions. Most of all, she knew what I was going through better than anyone else and prove to be an extremely important mental support.

After a friendly chat to better understand the registration process and talk through job options, Physioabroad worked really quickly to get me interviews with relevant partners. A suuuuper chill phone interview later, I was able to secure a great graduate job in aged care (care homes) just after I graduated and much before I left home!

Even when my certification of equivalence came through during Christmas break, Rosie was extremely responsive to help me with the next steps!!

She then helped me to settle in Melbourne and we even went for a celebratory drink. That was before COVID became a thing and all entertainment ceased, of course.

I have now been working in an age care home for 6 months. The work is definitely diverse and I have found it so meaningful to be able to continue providing much needed physiotherapy services to residents during this stressful time for them.

The company I work with also offers the possibility to easily relocate within Australia and even though I haven't been able to do it yet, it is such an added bonus to be able to work in different locations around Australia during my working holiday visa.

Although I'm only half-way through my experience, I have already learned so much and developed pretty strong adaptation skills that I am sure will look sweet on my CV!

I have already recommended Physioabroad to all my physio friends and would really recommend it to anyone wanting to make the most of the travel options that our physiotherapy degree offers!

I am extremely grateful for all the support from Physioabroad and I am so happy that their service exists to make international mobility a piece of cake (or a piece of Tim Tam)!”

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