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This October/November we will be providing FREE webinars about working in Australia and New Zealand.

The webinars are open to UK, Irish and South African trained physios + OT's. The webinar will cover:

  • Australia, New Zealand and Ski Resorts(physios)

  • How to gain registration

  • Job roles available

  • Level of experience required

  • Visas and locations

  • How we can help you

The webinars will be with physiotherapist/Director - Rosie and Recruitment Consultant - Jon.

Experienced physiotherapists + occupational therapists - webinars will be on the 9th/10th October (PT) and the 30th/31st October (OT) - please send us an email to receive the link.

Student Schedule:


Liverpool, 7th October 6pm

Bradford, 15th October 8pm

Birmingham, 11th October 8pm

St Georges University, 14th October 6pm

Sheffield Hallam, 12th October 8pm

Glasgow Caledonian, 15th October 8pm

Manchester Metropolitan, 13th October 6pm

Plymouth, 14th October 8pm

Brunel, 13th October 8pm

Brighton, 15th October 6pm

Nottingham, 11th October 6pm

UEA, 6th October 6pm

Gloucestershire, 12th October 6pm

Occupational Therapists

Cardiff, 26th October 6pm

Huddersfield, 26th October 6pm

Southampton, 26th October 8pm

UEA, 26th October 8pm

Huddersfield, 25th October 6pm

Liverpool, 1st November 6pm

PT/OT students - please contact your society for the link or to arrange a date/time we still have lots of spaces left!

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