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Important Registration Updates

We have some updates to share with you about the changes to registration in Australia and also the change in policy for 1000 placement hours for New Zealand for students that have been affected by COVID.


APC has recently announced that they will be discontinuing the Equivalence of Qualification New Program assessment process. The deadline to apply and pay for this registration route is 26/03/2021 and the documents must now be submitted directly from the university by 30/09/2021.If you apply in March and the university does not provide the documents by the deadline in September, APC has confirmed you can request a refund minus the $56 admin fee.


The Equivalence pathway assesses whether your entry-level physiotherapy degree is substantially similar to an Australian physiotherapy degree. This is an assessment of your university course rather than you as an individual and requires lots of university paperwork.


Qualified Physios

If you would like to gain registration through the Equivalence Pathway - New Program, you must make sure you meet the deadlines mentioned. Due to the deadlines, this may only be possible for universities that have successfully completed this process before or for physios who have almost completed the application.

If you want to/are in the process of gaining registration another way, this does not affect you.

Current Students

APC has confirmed with us that unless you have completed the course by 26/03/2021, you will not be able to apply for the Equivalence Pathway but don't worry we have other options for you!

Course Already Approved

If your course AND cohort have already been listed as equivalent, this will not be affected by the changes. You can gain registration without having to go through the new program process at any time.


There are still options for every physiotherapist to gain registration in Australia.

We have plenty of job roles available! Physios are successfully gaining border exemptions(including with Working Holiday Visas)and registration applications are being processed as normal.

Please get in touch if you would like help starting your Equivalence Pathway application before the deadline or to discuss alternative registration options - we would love to help you!

NEW ZEALAND - 1000 hours placement requirement and COVID

The normal requirement for registration in NZ is for physios to have completed 1000 hours of placement. However, this is the response we received from the NZ board regarding students that have a shortfall in placement hours due to COVID.

If an applicant has not completed 1,000 hours of supervised physiotherapy practice gained in a variety of practice when completing a qualification where students would typically complete 1,000 hours, they must:

i. Provide an explanation from their University regarding the shortfall; and

ii. Confirm that they have completed the remaining hours in their post qualification work experience, gained in a professional supported environment. This must be in addition to any post qualification work experience they are required to have as part of the eligibility requirements.

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