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Marco's review of using Healthcare Abroad :)

I had a lovely experience with HA.

I graduated in Italy and practiced in the UK for 5-6 years and the bureaucracy to get to Australia was daunting to say the least as I had to deal with official translations, twice as much documentation and long waiting times due to the pandemic and having to request lots of certifications remotely.

Rosie kept following up how things were going and even though it was a long and windy process I felt very supported and eventually I got my registration application approved.

Soon after I had the pleasure to meet Jon whom arranged some job interviews and I picked the one I preferred based on my work/life balance preference.

I have been to Australia for 6 weeks and I have started my new job and I have to say that it was all worth it

I definitely recommend HA and I wish to thank everyone who’s been by my side in this journey.

Love, Marco

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