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New Exam Feedback for Physios - Australia

Congratulations to 6/6 physios who passed the recent June exam.

A few of these physios have kindly shared some feedback, please see below for what they thought.

Because I have worked in MSK over the last year that helped me massively I answered most of the MSK questions correct and the neuro and cardio respiratory obviously not as good. I actually looked at the re-calls (which took me days to read them all) the other candidates were sharing via a WhatsApp group. They helped me structure my revision. A general overview of outcome measures, clinical tests, pathophysiology helped a little bit, but I feel the clinical experience helps you the most. I was lucky I just about got over the line especially not having worked in the other 2 areas.

The exam varied in difficulty, there were a few sections based on professionalism which was just common sense. There were some sections heavily based on anatomy and physiology so going over the basics for the core areas was very helpful. Take the recommended conditions to revise as a guide but expect questions outside the list provided aswell.

My main advice - don't stress! I spent the first 2 months of my revision cramming as much information into my head as possible and none of that information came up. The content that may come up is very broad but don't stress about covering everything! The exam tests your clinical decision making and safety rather than textbook knowledge. I ended up changing tactics, and the month leading up to my exam I spent doing broader CPD style courses which helped a lot more. Physiopedia became my bible. The APC will give you access to PhysioPlus which has lots of great courses. Another similar resource to check out is the Clinical Skills Development Service, which covers more ward based/cardio-resp courses. Look through the practice test early so you can figure out the structure of the questions. Some of the questions were a bit silly but none were trying to trip you up, so just choose the answer that you would do in clinical practice (your instinct will likely be the correct answer!). During the exam, take your time! You will have more than enough time to go through each question thoroughly and go back to ones you are less sure about at the end. Look at the exam as a busy day at work and think through each scenario as if you were treating that patient.

The next exam is in December with a September 1st cut off date. As there are tasks to complete before the cut off date, now would be a great time to get started with the process! If you pass the exam you will receive a certificate which never expires allowing you to come over at any time :)

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