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The whole application is now submitted online

Current processing time has increased to 4-5 months


  1. You no longer need to hand fill in the application form, instead you will apply online through this link:

  2. Stat declaration is now completed through the online application - you don’t have to go see a Justice of the Peace etc. to complete this

  3. All other forms e.g. Thresholds/ CV etc. should be downloaded and completed as usual (including signing documents if required), you will then you will be prompted when to upload these when you apply online

  4. Police certificates are no longer sent in hard copy, instead this needs to be certified and submitted online (or submitted directly from the police check provider to the NZ board by email)

  5. References should email the completed reference templates directly to the NZ board (not post)

  6. All Original Work from your supporting evidence must be listed on “Items of my Own Work” template:

  7. Certain documents still need to be certified before uploading them online, UNLESS the relevant authority e.g. university/HCPC/CORU/Police check provider can send them directly to the NZ board by email - this will save you money on certification fees if they can do this!

  8. Contents Page is the same as an Appendix

  9. Email for documents to be sent directly:

You will definitely need to get the following documents certified as they can’t be sent by email from the relevant authority:

  1. Passport ID page

  2. Evidence of your change of name (if applicable)- accepted certified documents include a marriage certificate, deed poll or sanctuary declaration

  3. English/IELTS results (if applicable)

The following documents will also need to be certified UNLESS they can be sent directly from the relevant authority to the NZ board by email:

  1. Degree certificate

  2. Academic transcript

  3. Evidence of 1000 hours of placement (and explanation of shortfall due to COVID if applicable)

  4. Certificate(s) of Good Standing

  5. Police Certificate


With the processing time taking longer it is really important to try and avoid re-submitting as this will delay your application further (around 2 months processing for a re-submission)

. Double check you are not making any ethical breaches within your supporting evidence:

  • Images - Do not include images of staff or patients without written consent as this would be an ethical breach. If the images are clearly taken from Google, and are referenced within a handout, in-service training etc., this is unlikely to be flagged as an ethical breach. In some cases, inclusion of photos can be a concern if the assessor(s) can’t determine the source of the photo.

  • Names - Do not include any identifiable information about other individuals including students, patients and colleagues unless you have signed written consent (it is easier to completely anonymize any names other than your own in the application) e.g. for an appraisal of yourself, your supervisors names should be anonymized

  • Do not include direct copies of patient records/documents, full histories/case studies, discharge reports, handovers, treatment programs, outcome measures, ward rounds etc. even if anonymized as this could be classed as an ethical breach

  • Do not include direct copies of students’ supervision/feedback notes where you are the educator

  • If you are not sure.. Don’t include it!


Most of the application has moved on online and it has been broken down into two online steps/payments as well as submitting some documents by post.


  • You cannot access the second step of the online application - self-appraisal, cultural course, nomination of your OT reference, uploading your reference until you have completed and paid for step 1 online.

  • After you have completed Step 1 online, the board still requires original (e.g. documents with the original stamps on) or certified copies of the following documents to be sent by post unless they are able to verify them independently online e.g. through official university portals.

  • x 2 ID documents

  • Birth certificate OR passport

  • AND Passport (if not used above) OR driving licence

  • Legal Evidence of your change of name (if relevant)

  • Degree certificate and Academic Transcript

  • Letter of good standing from every registration authority you have worked as an OT

  • University Curriculum

Please read this link carefully for how to certify documents and for where they need to be sent to:

You will need to use google and find someone mentioned on the link who can do this locally, you need to take a colour photocopy of your documents with you (as well as the originals for the certifier to sight) and the certifier will then sign these off as true copy of the originals - this is what you send to the NZ board by post.

If you want to send originals rather than certifying the document e.g. your curriculum with the original stamps on then that's fine but just be aware the NZ board will not return the documents.

Certain documents e.g. your passport has to be certified as you cannot send the original.

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