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Physio friends enjoying NZ and review of our service!

We checked in with Megan, Sarah and Indre (friends) who recently arrived in NZ together and we were very happy to read:

“We are loving it so far, all settled in well in our jobs and have loved doing all the travelling around so far, we've got so many more weekends away planned!”

They've also left us a great review which you can read below.

Healthcare Abroad were so helpful throughout the whole process of securing job roles and moving to New Zealand. The registration process for the New Zealand physio board was made so much easier with the step by step advice and patience in answering all our questions! The team managed to secure us all job roles in different clinical areas within the same city. We were linked with other physios out there which meant we could ask all the important questions before moving over! We highly recommend Healthcare Abroad to anyone considering working abroad! Thank you Jon and Rosie

Meg, Sarah and Indre

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