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1. Working Holiday Visa/ Work and Holiday Visa (12 Month Visa)

  • You can only get this once in your life

  • You must be 30 or under (except Canada, France and Ireland where you can be 35 or under) when the visa is GRANTED

  • Once you have been granted this visa, you have 1 year to enter Australia and your visa starts from entry. Therefore, you can be 30/31/32 years old whilst in Australia

  • Check these links to see if your country is eligible:

  • You do not need to do any rural/farm work for your first year visa

  • SAVINGS REQUIREMENT: you must be able to prove you have 3000 pounds in savings when you apply for the visa. This can be in any savings account as long as you can demonstrate you have access to it

  • Visa Cost: AUS $485

  • Visa Processing time: 90% within 22 days (although it may come through instantly)

  • 6 MONTH WORK LIMITATION: You can remain with the same employer as long as you change location after 6 months (this can be within the same city or you can move inter-state)

  • There are holiday visas available if you are just looking to travel for a few months. USE THIS VISA TO WORK in Australia- this is your only opportunity to work without sponsorship/paying for a permanent visa

  • Finding a role with 12 months left on your WHV will make you much more employable than if you have less, so consider traveling somewhere else first

2. Sponsorship

  • This is where an employer will sponsor/pay for your visa

  • You need 2 years full- time, post graduate experience

  • You will need to show commitment to your employer- this costs them money so leaving early will not look good!

3. Permanet Visas

  • These are points tested visas that do not require you to commit to an employer

  • You can stay indefinitely in Australia

  • Visa Options: Skilled Independent (live and work anywhere in Australia), Skilled Nominated (live and work in your nominated state), Skilled Regional (live and work in your nominated regional area)

  • Link for more information about visa options:

  • Points Calculator:

  • You get 5 extra points for being nominated by a state and 10 for a regional area- look into these 2 options if you are struggling to get enough points for the Skilled Independent Visa

  • All of these visas require you to make an expression of interest online and then wait to be invited (this can take time!)

  • Before applying for any visas you will need to check if Physiotherapist is still on the skilled shortage list. If you are looking be nominated by a particular state/ regional area you will need to check their specific list

  • You must have full registration as a physiotherapist in Australia and have a skills assessment completed by APC before you can apply for any permanent visas

  • Top Tip: Take the IELTS English test to gain more points

  • Visa Cost: AUS $4045

  • English Test Cost: AUS $340

  • Skilled Assessment with APC Cost: AUS $1650 (processing time 6 weeks)

  • Visa processing time: up to 15 months + waiting time for invitation/nomination.

  • If you are in Australia (and already hold another working visa) when you apply, you will be granted a bridging visa so that you can remain in Australia whilst you wait for the visa to be processed. If you are in the UK you will not be able to start work in Australia until the visa has been granted.

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