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You're Happy We're Happy - Recent Reviews!

"I just wanted to say what an amazing organisation you have set up in order to help physiotherapists and now other health care professionals gain registration and access jobs more easily in different counties. Healthcare abroad do a tremendous job in giving people the amazing opportunity to work in Australia, New Zeland and in French Ski Resorts. I have had an amazing experience talking to Rosie to helped me gain a physiotherapy position in Val d’Isere, France that I am truly so grateful for, this opportunity has been life changing and gives me the real opportunity to get the most out of physiotherapy. So much so I am thinking of doing a second season next year! I am so grateful that with my physiotherapy degree it can also enable me to travel the world and work in different places, it has really helped me to shape the life I want to live with a good work/life balance. I am so very grateful to Rosie for helping to make that dream into a much easier reality, without her I don’t know if I would have been able to secure this job with the confidence to know it was real. The knowledge they have is amazing and they offer endless support. They have always answered my emails with great response and I always felt Rosie was someone I could be confident in asking for help from. I just can’t believe it is all free!" - Niamh

"Firstly, I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to Rosie and the team for all your help and assistance with helping me to achieve my dream of getting to work in Australia. Without your help, it wouldn’t have been possible!

I got in touch with physio abroad after hearing about them at university. Rosie advised me on all of my options and then proceeded to facilitate me to gain certification of equivalence of qualification through the APC. However, covid was a huge barrier and delayed things significantly, but Rosie was there to motivate and encourage me throughout. She then advised me on the next steps of the process: AHPRA registration, when to apply for my visa and only more recently- how to gain a visa exemption.

I wasn’t sure of what job I wanted to go into. However, all I knew was that I still wanted the opportunity to be able to travel. Rosie arranged 3 interviews for me of which I gained 3 job offers. She then helped me to choose which job would best suit me. Rosie has also put me in contact with the others in the same area I will be in which was extremely helpful too!

I would 1000% recommend physio/ (now healthcare) abroad to anyone considering it! If anyone is considering and would like to hear my personal experiences, I am also more than happy to help!" - Nicole

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