2024 so far!

It has been a great start to the year, with over 75 allied health professionals starting work across AUS/NZ in the last 6 months.

We had a really successful trip for our expansion to Dubai – mainly partnering with paediatric clinics

Healthcare Abroad plans for the rest of 2024

Upcoming socials – the next organized socials will be in August 

SOUTH AFRICAN STUDENTS!!!  – We are planning in-person talks for universities near Cape Town & Pretoria, please speak to your society/university to help us organize this!!

UK/Ireland virtual talks will be in January 2025

Jobs in demand – AUS/NZ/Dubai 


Paeds OT/SLT’s


Paeds OT/SLT’s – all locations, occasionally paeds PT’s  

Community/NDIS OT/SLT’s – all locations, we have noticed recently some employers moving towards those who are looking to commit long-term/sponsorship rather than just for 1 year/WHV

Physios – MSK mainly in Brisbane (there are currently more physio roles in NZ!)

New Zealand

Physios – MSK & specialty roles – all locations – in high demand! 

OT/PT – Hand Therapy

ACC – Clinic/Community OT’s – all locations 

Hospital OT/PT/SLT’s – we have noticed a slow down in hospital offers recently 

Visa updates


482/sponsorship visa –

Current requirement is to have 2 years experience, from November this is changing to 1 year 

Working Holiday Visa/WHV – UK Passport holders 

From July 2024, UK passport holders can apply for 2nd & 3rd WHV without needing to complete specified work: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/what-we-do/whm-program/latest-news/arrangements-uk-passport-holders

Registration – NZ – Physio

Express NZ pathway (available for UK/Ireland/SA/Canadian physios) reduced fee to NZD $847 (previously $1734)

Latest News

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  • The Working Holiday Visa has a 6 month limitation but there are exemptions to this rule – please see below for the January 2024 update!

    Australia Working Holiday Visa Update – Jan 2024