Physio Abroad – Australia

Australia: full of beaches, national parks and some of the most liveable cities in the world – there is something for everyone!

We have lots of opportunities available throughout Australia for physios!

Our team will help you with the registration process, advise you about the popular locations/visas, organise interviews, introduce you to others and support you with your move.

Physio Roles

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MSK – Private Practise/Gym-based

Caseload – varied MSK caseload in well established private clinics OR gym-based settings (commercial or strength & conditioning), women’s health and Pilates (optional)

Suggested experience level – Ideally senior MSK staff (or minimum x1 MSK rotation if flexible with roles/locations)

Additional helpful experience – Reformer pilates qualifications, private practise experience, senior MSK experience, dry needling/acupuncture, manual therapy courses/experience

Locations – positions available throughout Australia


Caseload – community/clinic – age 0-65, neuro/paeds/physical/learning disabilities e.g. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ABI

Suggested experience level – 2 years+ experience including paeds/neuro/disabilities

Locations – positions available throughout Australia

Car requirement – these roles often require you to buy your own car, occasionally a pool car can be provided


Caseload – work across the clinical spectrum, with a range of ages/funding schemes – Elderly, Neuro, MSK, post op/home-care, NDIS/disability

Suggested experience level – 2 years+ experience (flexible in which area) – ideally including community

Locations – positions available throughout Australia

Car requirement – these roles often require you to buy your own car, occasionally a pool car can be provided


Caseload – private practise neuro positions

Suggested experience level – 3 years+ experience/senior neuro staff that are looking to commit to minimum 2 years+

Locations – Melbourne

Car requirement – Driving license/car usually required for home visits

Steps To Working With Healthcare Abroad

Step 01


Read through our website/contact us for an information booklet to see what roles & visas you are eligible for.

Step 02


Let us know what role/visa you are interested in, we will then support you with gaining your registration, including providing free guides. We are experts with the process and are here to help!

Step 03

Submit your CV

Once you have your registration approved, send through your CV via email and book in for a call on our website.

We will get to know you so that we can find you the best fit from your chosen role/location!

Step 04

Interview with our partners

We are partnered with companies in locations all across AUS/NZ/Dubai and we will set up suitable interviews that match what you are looking for – we have lots of fantastic opportunities!

Step 05

Make plans to move

We will provide you with set up guides and introduce you to others that we have placed in the same location. We are always available to help with your questions about the move!


Employment linked visas – apply after registration approved & job secured.

Working Holiday or certain Residency visas/not linked to employment – can apply before job role is secured.

Where We Recruit

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I moved from Ireland to Melbourne in August this year and Healthcare abroad really helped me through the whole process! Also very comforting to know there were people in Melbourne that you had already made contact with – they’ll set you up to meet people so you already have a community 🙂

They make the process so much easier. Once I had my registration they had interviews organised in a week. Taking away all the work with applying for jobs. Would strongly recommend it to any UK Physio!

I couldn’t recommend Rosie and Jon enough, they were very helpful in providing all the information we needed to sort our registration and made the job hunting process a whole lot easier.

I would highly recommend Healthcare Abroad for anyone looking to make the move to Australia to work as an OT. They provided support from the beginning of my journey right through to once I was settled in Australia.

Rosie and Jon have been extremely helpful in making my dream come true! I have been so happy in Brisbane I have already looked into extending my visa! Couldn’t have done it without them!

Can’t recommend Healthcare Abroad enough! They’ve made the move from the UK to Melbourne super easy from the start. The job they found for me is a perfect fit! The team is also really friendly (meaning you can ask all the stupid questions)!

The guys at Healthcare Abroad were amazing in helping me throughout the very stressful process of moving to Australia, both during the registration process and then helping me to find a great job opportunity! Essential help for anyone considering the move overseas. Thank you!

Highly recommend healthcare abroad to any OT/physio looking to come out to Australia, they help me throughout the whole process of gaining registration and finding a job!

John and Rosie have been absolutely fantastic and helped turn my dream into reality..

If you’re looking to get qualified abroad, I would 100% recommend Healthcareabroad.

Healthcare abroad has been amazing in helping me make the move to Australia. From gaining registration and applying for a visa to securing a job role- all with constant support provided throughout.

For anybody looking to make the move abroad, I cannot recommend Healthcare abroad enough! Rosie and Jon have been absolutely incredible, going above and beyond to help me throughout this whole process!

Healthcare abroad have always been really quick to respond to all our questions, gave lots of really helpful advice and linked us up with a great job- we are very grateful as definitely couldn’t have navigated all the processes without their help! Thank you!

It’s safe to say organising my new life in Australia would have been so much harder without Healthcare abroad! Professional, honest and kind from the beginning, and have continued to help me over a year into my time here in Australia

HA were absolutely vital in moving to Aus, the amount of paperwork and organising to do would’ve been overwhelming without their advice and support.

The work they are doing is amazing. Rosie assisted me throughout the whole process of gaining registration as well as giving me loads of advice and generally being really helpful. I’d 100% recommend their service to anyone

For anybody looking to make the move abroad, I cannot recommend Healthcare abroad enough! Rosie and Jon have been absolutely incredible, going above and beyond to help me throughout this whole process!

From the beginning they were so easy to contact and so helpful. From registration to visas and interviews, the whole process was made so much less daunting and much easier with the teams guidance. I could not recommend them enough to anyone who is hoping to make the move to Australia or New Zealand!

So thankful for all the help and continued support by Rosie and the team. They walked me through the process of getting my registration, to getting a job and visa and eventually getting over to Melbourne! Couldn’t have got here without them and would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to make the move!

Rosie guided me every step of the way and made my dream achievable. Any health professional I meet I always take the opportunity to promote the company because it truly is a great service! I am so grateful to Rosie & the team at Healthcare Abroad who have helped me secure a job in the speciality I wanted & I really cannot recommend this company enough to anybody thinking of working abroad!

Healthcare abroad from the moment I approached them has been so helpful, giving me a step by step process of what visa to apply for, how to apply for an exemption and how to apply to AHPRA to practise physio.

Rosie and Jon guided me step by step from getting a visa to securing a job in Brisbane. They also provided a lot of guidance on settling in Australia and have been checking up on me every now and then, which makes the whole process a lot easier, thanks guys!

Couldn’t recommend Healthcare Abroad enough! Right from the get go, Rosie and the team were so helpful with every aspect of the process, and couldn’t have done more to help me through it all. They have great connections in Australia, and I’m glad I made the move when I did!

Physio FAQs

See General FAQs
  • Under 30/35’s – The Working Holiday/Work and Holiday Visa is a popular initial visa option for certain age groups/passport holders. This visa allows you to work for 12 months and costs AUD $635 (plus proof of AUD $5000 in savings).

    From July 2024, UK passport holders are eligible for x3 WHV, without needing to complete specified/farm work

    Looking to stay long-term/bring family/not eligible for the WHV – the most popular options are gaining a Sponsorship or Skilled visa
    Sponsorship/482 – visa linked to an employer. Sponsorship requires you to have 2 years of physiotherapy experience and once you have your Australian physio registration approved, we can introduce you to our partners who can offer this. The fees are: $3035 (adult) and $760 (child). This visa has a pathway to permanent residency after 2 years (conditions apply).
    Skilled Visa – If you want to gain a permanent residency visa which is not employer supported, you can look at applying for your own Skilled Visa (189/190/491).

  • The main fees you need to be aware of are for your Visa (above) and gaining your Australian physio licence (ranges from AUD $1850- $3800 depending on which route you are eligible for)

    – We will secure you a full-time role for when you arrive, the salaries are usually between AUD $60-95k
    – If you are working in a community role, you will likely need to buy your own car
    – The service we provide is completely free for those that would like to be placed in a role with one of our partners

  • WHV – We work with employers who are happy for you to start on the WHV, ideally with the plan to then change to a more long-term visa after e.g. Sponsorship or Skilled visa

    Sponsorship – the sponsorship visa is expensive for employers so the availability of roles/companies who can offer these visas, depend on the job market at the time. Currently, it is difficult (but not impossible to gain sponsorship offshore), if you can gain your own visa, that would be better!

  • Once you have read through the role/visa eligibility information (available on the website/booklets) – please let us know which role/visa you are interested in and the university you attended/graduation year, we will then send through more information about the registration process

    We will support you throughout the registration process including free guides and unlimited phone/email support, we are experts and here to help!

  • – Allowing for around 7 months would be ideal!
    – The registration process timeframe can vary depending on how long it takes to source the documents required, we would suggest you allow for at least 4 months
    – Once your registration has been approved, we find 3-4 months is an ideal timeframe for the next steps (securing a role + visa/handing in your notice/getting organised, etc!).
    – SA trained physios applying for additional checks e.g. police and medical checks may need to allow to additional time

  • We will arrange interviews once your registration has been approved and ideally, maximum 3-4 months before your planned start date – this gives you enough time to hand in your notice/get organised to leave/apply for your visa etc. and also means that the role is not left open for too long for the employer.

    We can also organise interviews nearer to your start date depending on which visa you hold/are looking to apply for.

  • We do not work with the hospitals in Australia as we find that they are not keen on Working Holiday Visas for full-time roles or providing visa sponsorship in popular locations

    We do work with the hospitals throughout NZ though!

  • Currently, the job market is better for physios in NZ – if you are between the two countries (and especially if you are a junior physio) we would currently recommend NZ.

    If you are looking for an employer supported visa and/or a relocation allowance – it is currently much easier to secure a role which can offer this in NZ.

  • We have partnerships with employers all across Australia!

    Once you have your Australian physio registration approved, we can help you choose a location which is a good fit for you – we can also provide you with location guides

    Our team is from the UK and have lived in Australia so we can provide you with honest feedback and help you find the best fit!

  • Our suggested levels are just a suggestion! If you do not have this, we are still happy to see what roles we have available for you once you have your Australian registration approved.

    If you are a junior physio, we would highly recommend that you have your registration approved and interview in the Australian winter (May-August) as this is when the most job roles are available.

  • If you are applying for a sponsorship or skilled visa, children/partners can be added to your visa/they can apply for subsequent visas based on your successful application – conditions apply.

    If you are applying for a Working Holiday Visa – these are individual visas.

  • If possible, try to have your registration approved and be interviewing in the Australian winter (May-August) as this is when the most jobs are available.

    We would highly recommend that you do not interview or arrive at the start of the year (January/February) as it gets very competitive for roles and also finding accommodation.

  • We work with employers who can offer a relocation allowance (e.g. upfront amount which can be used for flights/accommodation) for those who are moving on a long-term visa e.g. Sponsorship/Skilled Visa.

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