I am currently spending time in different locations in NZ so that I can help others choose the best location that would suit you.

Here’s why I LOVED Tauranga and who it could be a good fit for!

I moved to a beach suburb called Papamoa (about 30 minutes outside the city).

It is a very well maintained, super safe, laidback area with some good choices for cafes/restaurants/bars, they’ve also got supermarkets, hairdressers etc. It is very handy to be so close to the beach with everything you need nearby.

Speaking to the locals, this suburb has grown a lot in the last few years (and still growing) – the area feels very new and very different to the old buildings in the UK!

I was there in January (which is summer time in NZ).

I LOVED being able to go for a walk on the beach after work and I feel once you have lived by the coast it is hard to go back to life without this option!

There are also surfers out, “nippers” (this is with the surf lifesaving club and looks really fun for kids) and some people are fishing off the beach too!

There are lots of people living full-time in Tauranga’s beach suburbs and it is also very popular with holidaymakers.. in my opinion, if you have the option to live where people like to holiday, why wouldn’t you – these are going to be the best parts of NZ!

As you guys are registered healthcare workers, YOU really have the choice to work where you love!

I also joined F45 which is a fitness club (45-minute circuit training classes) which they have all across NZ – they are a great workout and also if you go often, you can get to know everyone/there is a good community.

There are also plenty of options for sports clubs that you can join.

On the weekends, lots of people head up to “The Mount”, also called Mount Maunganui – this is a busier beach suburb about 20 minutes from Papamoa and 10 minutes from Tauranga city.

Mount Maunganui is amazing for those that like to surf – the car parks are full of surfers at the weekend and the beaches are also beautiful here.

You will see lots of people going for a walk along the coast, walking up the Mount (it takes about 40 minutes uphill and the views are really worth it) and also paragliding off the top of the Mount.

There are also lots of choices for restaurants and also some shopping too! If you get a chance to go to Kong – the duck pancakes are the best I have ever had!

The Mount is a great place for all ages – it has nightlife (a few fun bars which finish at 12pm – if you want to carry on the night, you can get an Uber into Tauranga city).

This area is also great for families – when I was there, there was a school volleyball tournament on the weekend and the parents were relaxing in their marques and even having some beers – it looked ideal!

There is also a harbour for kayaking and paddle-boarding if surfing isn’t your thing.

If you want to venture outside of Tauranga, it is well situated to explore more of NZ and close to other tourist hot spots for holidays/weekend trips:

Tauranga is only 1 hour to Rotorua.

Rotorua is full of activities you can choose from such as White Water-rafting, Zip wiring, Luge, Down-hill biking, Cultural performances and nature – in particular I loved Redwoods and seeing the Geothermal Parks – the colours of the hot springs are amazing from bright green and blue and orange – it doesn’t seem real!

You also have Lake Taupo within 2 hours – this is another favourite tourist holiday spot. There are lots of kayaking/fishing/water sports options.

I went fishing here with Fish Her Charters – I would really recommend this, she is a lovely lady who runs a small company and really helps you learn how to fish (I needed lots of help as I didn’t know what I was doing and managed to catch a few, including one under waterfall which was pretty magical!).

Auckland is then within 3 hours – I also love Auckland and will share this another time!

Overall, I would recommend Tauranga for those that like to live by the beach/surfing, with enough going on and still close to other parts of NZ. This area is quite similar to Australia but I would say it is more relaxed and outdoorsy.

Once you have your registration approved and are at the interview stage with us, I am always happy to suggest a location through would suit you in either AUS or NZ 🙂

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