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NZ Interview Feedback!

We have lots of PT/OTs interviewing for roles in NZ currently, some of them have kindly sent through some example questions they were asked - we love creating a platform to help each other :)

When you are at the interview stage with one of our partners, we will always try to send through some more information of what to expect and any previous/example interview questions.

Hospital/Rehab roles:

  • Can you name a time you worked in a team and it went well?

  • Can you name a time you worked in a team and it didn’t go well?

  • Can you explain what you understand about the bio-psycho-social model?

  • Can you name a time you managed conflict?

  • Can you name a time you made a mistake and how you managed this?

  • Can you name a time you use initiative?

  • Would you rather work autonomously or in a team?

  • What’s your experience with working with patients with chronic pain?

  • Can you tell us what your motivations are for coming to New Zealand?

  • What would/could frustrate you in a work environment?

  • Can you tell us your experience with a difficult patient and how you handled the situation

  • Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses

  • Have you made any mistakes in your clinical work before? And if yes, how did you resolve it and what did you learn?

  • I was also given 2 clinical case scenarios and asked about suggested assessment and treatment, frequency i would see the patient, contraindications as well as differential diagnoses

  • Why do I want to live in NZ? Why am I choosing NZ over Austria / Dubai etc

  • Why do I want to work for them?

  • What do I know about their service?

  • My employment history to date

  • Scenario / behavioural questions

  • For hospital they asked me priority questions / case studies (all pretty straight forward!)

  • The scenario questions where a little bit more tricky - they were quite specific to neuro - they gave me a case study about a man with a spinal injury. I think they really just want you to focus on putting the patient first and making goals, linking up with other services etc

  • Questions about time management and examples

  • Both asked for an example of when there was a clinical issue or conflict which I tried to resolve

  • Example of working with a challenging / anxious family member

  • Example of collaborative working with another profession

  • A couple of star type questions, interests, how an ideal day would look, what I am looking for in an employer.

MSK/Private Practise

  • The interview is a lot about personality and what you would bring to the team, a big part of what they are looking for is that you are willing to learn and open to improve.

  • I think the interview was a bit more informal than I was expecting, there wasn’t really any clinical questions, more about generally why I got into physio and my previous roles

  • It was more of a conversational style interview - get to know you/interests

PT/OT's are in demand NZ - if you have registration, please get in touch to arrange interviews or otherwise we would love to help you start the process :)

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