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We are REALLY excited about the new NZ Xpress Registration Pathway for physios which can be applied for from TODAY (13th December)!

The application is now A LOT more simple/straightforward and the BEST PART.. the processing time is now 1 week!

Fee - NZD $1734.

Eligibility - UK/Irish/Canadian/SA trained OR have current unrestricted registration with HCPC, CORU, HPCSA, or a Canadian physiotherapy regulator

Meet Recency of Practise requirements

Documents required

Online application form

Proof of eligibility for Xpress Pathway UK/Ireland/SA/Canda - Degree certificate OR Current Registration Certificate

Criminal History Check(s) and Certificate of Good Standing(s)

Completing 2 approved course to show you understand the five principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi in the context of healthcare

English language results (if applicable)

That’s it!

If you are eligible for this Xpress Pathway, you no longer need to provide detailed university documents such as your curriculum/placements or provide references or complete the threshold templates/portfolio.

There is more information on this link:

We have PLENTY of roles available for physios in NZ - what are you waiting for 🙂

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